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Square Enix Releasing Justice Monsters Five, Offering Pre-Registration Incentives

Just Monsters 5 is launching on mobile systems, so prepare for the release with pre-registration gifts and bonuses!

Developer Square Enix, the renowned studio behind such fantastic franchises as Final Fantasy, is currently working on the upcoming release of Justice Monsters Five, a brand new mobile title on Android and iOS. The best part of the game is that it will be completely free.

In Justice Monsters Five, players will join some of their favorite heroes from the franchise, a group of monsters, to battle and save the planet of Nova from Lord Vexxos. The gameplay will feature plenty of tapping action in pinball combat. Powers up will make each of your monsters stronger with new attacks, and you can expand your roster by recruiting brand new monsters to tackle Vexxos.

For those willing to take the time to pre-register, a bevy of goodies can be had. To start, everyone will receive Golden Orbs, which are a unique in-game currency for the mobile title. The more people who register, the larger the amount of Orbs each player will receive.

The company is also hosting a second giveaway for pre-registering. As a gift to the community, Square Enix and PreLaunch.Me are giving away a PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and an Xbox One. The rules are quite simple:

That sounds like a pretty incredible deal for gamers. Actually, come to think of it, the entire thing sounds like a really good pre-registration bonus deal. Jump on that, everyone!

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