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SNK Playmore set to release The King of Fighters XIV on August 23

SNK Playmore announces KoF XIV release for August. New trailers feature all 50 characters at launch. SNK Playmore changes company logo back to SNK.

Today, SNK Playmore announced that The King of Fighters XIV will be releasing in America on August 23. The announcement was made via a set of new trailers featuring all 50 characters available at launch. 

The trailers also focuses on new characters, including Team China's Shun'ei (whom is integral to the story) and Nakoruru from Team Another world. The gameplay trailer highlighted some of 14th entry's features, including a story mode, a training mode (online and offline), an online vs mode, and an art gallery.

SNK Playmore has also changed their company logo back to SNK, and introduced the new company slogan -- "The future is now." SNK Playmore's decision was two fold; they wanted to return to their business image they held during the years of the Neo Geo and they also it to be more appealing  to the global market where SNK is more recognized than SNK Playmore.

Fans can look forward to slugging it out in 50 different ways with The King of Fighters XIV on August 23.

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