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NeoCities Is Not Even Close To GeoCities

I hate being mislead ... I REALLY hate being mislead by folks who leverage nostalgia to their advantage.
I present to you: Neocities. This web hosting service is claiming to recreate the "good old days" of GeoCities !

The problem is, I am one of the folks who actually used GeoCities a lot before Yahoo bought them out. In the old GeoCities, you could use a web editor that allowed you to drag-and-drop elements on your web page - no coding was required to create very nice looking ( for the time ) web sites.
NeoCities offers nothing like that. Everything is 100% hard coding, with no drag-and-drop features. What the site does offer is their own text editor, and that is it. There is nothing noteworthy to distinguish them from any other basic HTML web host!

In all honesty, I wish they would offer some basic PHP so that I could at least create a dynamic web page!

To answer any questions before they are asked, yes I did mess around with all the available features in NeoCities before posting this short review/commentary.

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