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Bravely Second Exorcist Job Guide

Learn how to undo all harm that comes to you in Bravely Second with this Exorcist guide!

The Exorcist Job in Bravely Second lets you undo multiple things to previous turns. Take a lot of damage? Undo HP to a previous turn where you had full health. Low on MP? Undo MP to a turn where you had plenty. Did you accidentally get dead? No worries! Undo is there to save the day.

Exorcist has a few other tricks, but Undo is the main reason you'll want this Job. If you are looking for other tips, check out my Bravely Second Master Guide List.

  • Unlocking Exorcist - How to unlock the Job.

  • Equipment Guide - The optimal equips for this Job.

  • Ability List - Each ability and when you get them.

  • Cross Job Tips - Which Jobs work well with this one.

  • Combat Tips - How to use this in battles. 

  • Light armor is what you want for the extra magic defense it gives you.

  • You can use a shield if you want more defense.


    so if you want to have a healing sub Job, accessories that increase those can be helpful.

Bravely Second Exorcist Job

  • Bishop or another healing Job is good for support.

    • Even though you can undo HP, it only works on 1 person at a time and up to 3 turns. Having another healing Job is good for backup.

  • Guardian is a good if you want a tank support character. You can use their soul power and possession abilities to provide defense, then Undo any harm.

  • Kaiser and Templar are good if you want the extra BP their abilities provide.

Exorcist is best used as support or a sub Job to take advantage of their Undo abilities. It is important to try to save BP so you can do multiple Undo HPs if needed, or Undo BP and MP.

If you have it as your sub Job, be sure to equip the Undo Trois support ability to give you more options.

This character works as a healer, keeping people alive and bringing them back from death.

It can be used to keep a mage's MP high so they an freely cast their most powerful spells. It can also be used to keep an ally's BP high if you can keep your own near max.

That wraps up the Bravely Second Exorcist Job guide. Let me know if you have any questions!

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