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54 best iPhone and iPad apps ()

WIRED's pick of the best free and paid-for iPhone and iPad apps. Click the categories below to jump right to that section.

Hyperspektiv is a video- and photo-editing app for those who need something more extreme than Ludwig or Clarendon. The app lets you change images and video beyond recognition. Swipe your fingers across the screen to create glitches and kaleidoscopes and distort colour to extreme levels. Perfect for DIY artists. [iOS, £1.49]

Le Déserteur
This iPad-only art installation consists of two "rooms", each containing 12 works from artists, photographers, writers and singers. It bears repeated viewing, with exclusive artwork regularly updated for each user. [iOS, $9.99]

Cardboard Camera
Cardboard Camera converts panoramic photos into a format which can be viewed through Google Cardboard VR viewers. Send photos and audio to family and friends or keep an album to relive awe-inspiring moments. [Android, free]

Paper for iPhone
The popular iPad drawing app comes to the small(er) screen, with a range of new features including text, photos and to-do lists to extend its appeal beyond artists and designers. [iOS, free]

Enlight is one of the smartest photo-editing tools around. As well as a raft of regular features, you can add text in multiple fonts and turn photos into graphics or LOLtastic memes. [iOS, £2.99]

Handpick harvests recipes from food blogs and Instagram and allows the user to browse based on ingredients. It's packed with beautiful photography and inspiring ideas. [iOS, Android, free]

If you have a passion for citizen science or cartography, Mapillary -- a crowdsourced version of Google Street View – might appeal. Supply photos through your smartphone as you go about your business. [iOS, Android and Windows Phone, free]

Effectively capturing a moment in a single frame is a serious photographic challenge. But why use one frame to tell a story when you can use three? Nutshell animates a moment by combining three shots into a short, shareable video. [iOS, free]

Are you Jamie Oliver? Or Mary Berry? We thought not. But you can pretend to be with Simmer, which lets you create and share recipes and short how-to cooking videos from the comfort of your own kitchen. The Great WIRED Bake-Off, anyone? [iOS, free]

We're slightly annoyed that we like this app – yes, we at WIRED can be just as vain as everyone else. With Facetune, the airbrushing, teeth-whitening and skin-smoothing of our pasty faces is just a swipe away. [Android, iOS, £2.99]

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