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The BC List: Issue 2 - Double the Dragons, Twice the Fun

With no regular scheduled announcements of new titles being added to Xbox One's backward compatibility feature anymore (they just get announced as and when), we thought it would be a good idea to take a periodical look at the games that have been added to the service. Hence, The BC List was born.

Maybe you missed a title? Maybe a title has been added that you were always meaning to check out and can now do so cheaply? Well, The BC List is for you. Every week or two (depending on if there's anything to list!) we'll run down the latest Xbox 360 titles that have been added to the Xbox One backward compatibility list, complete with trailer or other video, game ratings, and the publisher's description, so you don't miss a trick.

So without further ado, here are the seven games that have been added since our first issue and that are playable NOW on Xbox One...

When Zeus, the legendary Greek God, brings you back to life, set forth on a mission to rescue Zeus' daughter Athena from the underworld in Altered Beast. Along the way, collect the Spirit Balls dropped by enemies to increase your strength and transform into a variety of mythical creatures with powerful attacks. Multiple game modes: Play all four game modes, and save your progress as you continue your quest. Multiplayer: Play co-op multiplayer over Xbox LIVE. Achievements and leaderboards: Earn new achievements and gamerscore and post your top score to the leaderboards.

In Comix Zone, Sketch Turner is an artist in New York City. One day Sketch is drawing, and a huge thunderstorm threatens the city. A bolt of lightning hits Sketch's image, and brings it to life. That image is Mortus, a megalomaniac mutant who wants to become real and to rule the earth. Mortus magically transports Sketch into the pages of his comic book so that he can end his creator's life and become real. Inside the comic book, Sketch meets General Alissa Cyan, who believes Sketch is a superhero come to save their post-apocalyptic world from the evil brought by Mortus' hand. Now that he's a comic book superhero, Sketch can instantly fight like a one-man mercenary platoon! Multiple game modes: Play all five game modes, and save your progress as you continue your quest.

In Double Dragon Neon, Billy & Jimmy Lee have returned to save their shared love interest Marian from the evil Skullmageddon across sixteen brawling levels filled with elaborate missions, malicious enemies and over-the-top battles. Trained by their sensei in a special class of martial arts, Billy & Jimmy are equipped with lethal combat skills and weaponry to crush some faces and battle the baddest goons around as they barnstorm across the galaxy to rescue the love of their lives.

Strap on your proton packs for an all-new Ghostbusting adventure! Ectoplasmic threats are spawning all over New York, and only you and your team of rookie Ghostbusters can stop them. Choose from 4 new playable characters. Hop in the all-new ECTO-4WD and blast your foes with a medley of destructive weapons. Battle against the hordes of evil entities alone or with a team of friends through local or online multiplayer co-op. In Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, show them you ain't afraid of no ghosts!

The Cave is an adventure game from Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert, and Double Fine Productions, the studio behind Psychonauts and Brütal Legend. Assemble your team of 3 from seven unlikely adventurers, each with their own unique personalities and stories, then descend into the mysterious depths to explore locations including a subterranean amusement park and a medieval castle, not to mention a fully armed and ready-to-launch nuclear tipped ICBM. The Cave awaits.

Played any of these? Played ALL of these? Give folks your recommendation and let them know which of the crop above is the best! You might be helping someone to make a purchase decision, and that's just a nice thing to do.

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