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Brand New: Issue 5 - Bumper Edition - 15 New Xbox One Games!

They tried to keep some of these quiet...

Brand New is our weekly (well, we took a break last week, but now it's weekly) look back at all of the games that have been announced as coming to Xbox One in the past seven days. Rather than cover every game individually and watch it get lost in the mix of the week's news, we'll bring you all the facts and more in one handy rundown, so that you can see what's been announced at a glance. Because we're cool like that.

This week, a massive FIFTEEN new titles have picked up the steel to bust your ears with the dope lyrics and frankly, some of them have been so poorly promoted that it took a heck of a lot of work to even find them.

Sometimes, it's like publishers and indie developers don't want you to know about new things. But we got your back, Jack. Here's the fifteen new titles listed as coming to Xbox One and being added to the pX database.

Coming from Jeppe Carslen, the chap who designed the puzzles for LIMBO, 140 is a minimalist PC platformer that's making the jump to Xbox One via Double Fine's publishing initiative. The game requires a bit of "rhythmic awareness" as the game's obstacles are controlled by the soundtrack. Console port masters Abstraction Games are leading the coding charge, and we'll see this IGF Excellence in Audio award winner arrive in the summer.

IGF-nominated digital fantasy board game Armello will be making the jump to Xbox One later this year. Already available on PC and PlayStation 4, the game takes place in a magical world tinged with darkness, where up to four players can each take control of an animal clan - Bear, Rabbit, Rat, or Wolf - and set their sights on challenging for the mad king's crown.

Book of Demons from Polish developer Thing Trunk is coming to Xbox One and will be a console exclusive, it has been confirmed. The game supercedes the usual hack and slash statistics overload with a card system, with players being able to collect, upgrade, and combine skill cards to compose their own deck of power. It'll also feature the ability to choose to take on long, epic, journeys, or quick 5-minute missions. Shorter missions will still be as testing though, thanks to the developer's own difficulty system, which they've named Flexiscope.

Coming from developer Hyper Awesome Entertainment, Dungeon Punks is an old-school arcade brawler that features modern RPG mechanics. A "tag-team" combat system lets you control two characters, wield rare and magical weapons, and take part in up to three-player co-op play. You can also ride a unicorn.

Kyurinaga's Revenge is a new 2D action platformer featuring the samurai Kaoru Tamanegi and the street fighter Broccoli Joe, who are roaming all across feudal Japan. Using Broccoli's deadly kunais or Kaoru's explosive traps (amongst all manner of other things), you can take on enemies either in solo or co-op mode, with lone players having to switch between both characters. There's some puzzling on the cards too, and we'll expect to see a lot more than the relatively uninformative teaser trailer the developer has provided before the game launches in October.

This one was announced a while ago, but we weren't sure on the formats that it would be hitting. Now though, the Power Stone-like Lastfight has been confirmed as coming to Xbox One. Not only that, but it'll be out next month!

Capcom basically gave up on the incredibly fun Power Stone because...well...why would you keep making enjoyable games? Still, Lastfight looks like it could fill the void, with a full single-player story as well as 1vs1 and 2vs2 battles, this one is high on our most wanted list.

The multiplayer aerial combat title Last Wings is coming to Xbox One and has the potential to be a runaway success if it hits the right note. Featuring full online multiplayer as well as split-screen play for up to four players locally, there's a chance that it could become something of a party hit. Check out the trailer above and try not to think of Team 17's Worms flying planes.

With the Stanley Cup playoffs in full swing, EA thought it would take the opportunity to announce (much to nobody's surprise) that - Holy Mackinaw! - NHL 17 will be coming to Xbox One this year. There's not a great deal of information around as yet, but there's sure to be the usual changes to provide a deeper franchise mode and tweaks to the gameplay.

After a more than successful mobile launch last year, Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale's isometric take on Pac-Man, named Pac-Man 256 after the infamous 256th level glitch from the original game - is coming to Xbox One.

Already rated by the authorities in Taiwan, we'd expect this to appear on the digital store at absolutely any time.

Currently undergoing a closed beta on PC, Prominence Poker looks set to challenge the likes of Pure Hold 'em (not that there's much to challenge) for the hold 'em crown on Xbox One. As opposed to just being a standard multiplayer poker game, Prominence Poker will feature a single player story mode where you try to work your way up from being a grinder at the Decker Casino, all the way to beating faction leaders in heads-up play. Of course, you'll be able to join the ranks online too, to see if you know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.

MercurySteam previously worked on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, so you'd imagine that they'd have the credentials to be taking on a big new title. They'll need them, since their new game Raiders of the Broken Planet is shaping up to be a large undertaking.

An episodic asymmetrical multiplayer title, the game is being pitched as a "distinctive blend of shooting, brawling, and thinking man's strategy" and will be headed to Xbox One later this year. We're awaiting the first footage, but we'd expect it to not show up until E3 now.

Nekki's Shadow Fight series has been a 2D affair on mobile devices thus far, but with Shadow Fight 3, the developer is making the move into 3D and also launching the game on Xbox One in 2017. The developer claims that the fighting title will provide a thrilling storyline, three playable factions, hundreds of collectables, limitless quests, and complete fighting style customization. There's also the mention of purchasing booster packs to unlock legendary weapons, armour, and perks, though there's no extra detail beyond that. It could be that Shadow Fight 3 ends up as a free-to-play affair, but we'll have to wait for word from the developer until that can be confirmed for sure.

UK startup Burning Arrow is teaming up with Deck13 (Lords of the Fallen) to bring their first-person survival adventure The Other 99 to Xbox One later this year. Taking place on a windswept and desolate island in the Hebrides, players begin with a note that reads "The only way off the island is through the other 99."

You'll need to gather food, water, and weapons if you're going to survive, and decide whether or not you're just going to kill anyone that gets in your way, or hear them out and see if they're friend or foe. We're intrigued.

Valley is the next game from Slender: The Arrival developer Blue Isle Studios, and looks like it could be just as big of a success. With an all-action trailer that shows off the L.E.A.F. Suit - an outfit that grants players incredible speed and agility as well as the ability to "manipulate life and death" - this is one to keep an eye on for sure. It'll launch on Xbox One in the summer.

Rounding off this week's list is another promising one. Ackk Studios' YIIK is an RPG that...well...just watch the trailer.

For some reason, it puts us in mind of a mash-up of Catherine on Xbox 360, Incredible Crisis on PSOne, and a traditional turn-based RPG, though that might just be us. YIIK is set to launch on other platforms this summer, with an Xbox One release to follow after.

So, which of these magnificent fifteen that are coming to Xbox One has your attention? We'll let you pick three, so you'd better step to the stage before someone blows it up.

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