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The Elder Scrolls VI has been announced

The Elder Scrolls VI has been announced with a trailer on Youtube. Five years has passed since we last stepped into the Elder Scrolls universe with Skyrim. With over 20 million copies sold, rumors earlier this year propped up as to when and where the next game is going to show. You can finally watch the trailer here.

With Valenwood, Elsweyr, Black Marsh, Battlespire, and Regard left to touch on from the original Elder Scrolls game we might be seeing a mashup between two zones to make the game even bigger than before.

But as to why Bethesda is taking so long to create the game, the official response was to work on the Fallout game DLC. In addition to building for the next generation devices, other potential reasons like upgrading the game engine to beat the Witcher 3 is within the realm of possibility. So we should be seeing the game come out within the next couple of years.

Sorry for putting your hopes up.

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