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Continue Me: a f2p Android Edugame review

Continue Me is an educational word game released by Sanctuary Game Studios for Android devices. The sole objective in Continue Me is to create a new word based off of the previous word used. If someone uses the word "car" the next word could be "race". The game then goes back and forth until there are no possible combinations left, the user quits, or if the time runs out.

With a design that reminds me of Le Petit Prince, the semi-cartoonish effects make the game seem a bit more child friendly than it would otherwise. But with limited settings, Continue Me has plenty of room for improvement.

The game is 36 MB, and doesn't need a high powered phone to use. Made for Android 2.3 and up, it is completely free to play. It also is offline friendly, in case you don't want to see the ads during your gameplay. As for the ads themselves, I only saw them twice throughout the playthrough. There was one banner ad at the top during gameplay, and another interstitial advertisement at the results screen.

The suggested words did pop up when typing in answers, which I don't know if it was on purpose or not. Another thing that I noticed while playing Continue Me is that since I use a smaller Android phone, some things like the "Quit" button aren't scaled correctly and are pushed down a bit.

Also in terms of getting a larger score, it feels like it is based off of the Scrabble scoring system. Words with more vowels get more points than smaller words. The game also threw words at me that I haven't heard of before -- which isn't really surprising given how many words are in the English language.

While not being complicated, Continue Me does what it says on the tin, but nothing more. It is an educational game to help learn more words. Which would give it a passing "C" grade in the rating system. Continue Me isn't getting anything above a 6, simply because it can do much more. Things like multiplayer or more challenging modes would be good. Things like being restricted to specific topics, like city names, or with introducing items.

If you are an Android user, you can download the game on Google Play. For ages 3+.

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