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Overwatch Guide: Reaper Info and Tips

In Overwatch, Reaper is a strong offensive character that wields dual shotguns. He looks as you would expect, cool, epic, amazing, and *insert positive word here*.

Besides being one of the best looking characters in the game, which is a fact by the way, he is great at ghosting (literally) behind enemy lines for surprise attacks. If you like short-range fights, teleporting, and all around badassery, then Reaper is for you.

Not much is known about Reaper except for the fact that is a terrorist, mercenary, and badass killing machine. He has no loyalty to any organization or person and leaves dead bodies in his wake.

It is thought that he is an experiment gone wrong, and his killing pattern suggests he is hunting down former Overwatch agents.

Reaper is an offense character, so you only need to mostly worry about the pewpew. Even though his difficulty is listed as low, and many will say he is good for beginners, he take some extra effort to master. This is due to, well, all of his abilities.

Overwatch Reaper combat

That's it for my Overwatch Reaper Info and Tips. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or QQing about Reaper!

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