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Overwatch Guide: Widowmaker Info and Tips

Be a more effective sniper as Widowmaker in Overwatch with this guide!

In Overwatch, Widowmaker is the classic sniper. Her skill lies in picking off targets from a distance, locating enemies for the team, and even switching to close-range combat if needed.

Widowmaker may not be the easiest character to play, but a good sniper is always a welcome addition to any team. Her defense role makes her perfect for stopping enemies from reaching objectives. I'll go over how she plays and give some tips on using her effectively.

Widowmaker used to be called Amelie Lacroix and was married to an Overwatch agent named Gerard. The terrorist organization Talon, kidnapped and brainwashed Widowmaker, then programmed her as a sleeper agent. She killed her husband shortly after returning to her old life.

Talon continued her training and made her into the assassin we know as Widowmaker, and she's been carrying out ruthless jobs ever since.

Widowmaker is a defense character, this does not mean she has a lot of health or defends allies. This means her main role is to defend objectives. Her sniping is great for keeping enemies away from point, or scouting the enemy to make it easier for your team to kill them.

Overwatch Widowmaker Combat

That's it for my Overwatch Widowmaker Info and Tips. Let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own!

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