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Coffin Dodgers races from PS4 onto Xbox One

Kart racing is all fine and dandy, but kart racing to escape the Grim Reaper and save your soul is a whole different story. And that’s Coffin Dodgers in a nutshell.

Road Rash-style combat mixed with elderly folks racing karts is a win. It just is. Add in the Reaper chasing after them with a bunch of zombies and you’ve got Coffin Dodgers. Oh, and did I mention rag-doll physics?

But tumbling old people aside, CD sets you to take to the streets in the familiar kart racer format. You can pick up power-ups and weapons with which to bash and smash your fellow competitors, and even use an “EMP-powered defibrillator”. Best be careful of that.

Seven characters in total make up the roster, with an unlockable 8th in the Grim Reaper himself. On top of that, you can also upgrade and modify your scooter as you go, which really does seem to offer a pretty surprising amount of depth.

Local multiplayer is also being touted for this one, which certainly should bring back shades of the first few Mario Kart titles, as you can compete with 2 to 4 players in the same room. There’s a story mode as well that has the Reaper chasing you down, and will also have you racing to complete challenges… and a ‘Crazy Grandad’ mode. That one allows you to go nuts in Sunny Pines retirement village as you see fit- open world style.

All of this sounds just insane enough to be a gem, but I’m sold already as I’ll play pretty much anything ‘kart racer’. Already out on the PS4, Coffin Dodgers pulls onto Xbox Live for the Xbox One as of today.

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