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Know your zombie facts in new Dead Island trailer

Not all that far off from release, the Definitive Collection of Dead Island games will be awash in gibs. While you already know that, just how sharp are you on your zombie trivia?

I guess zombies wouldn’t need sunscreen, with them being dead and all. Never really thought of that, and these are the hard-hitting things that you need to know while in the midst of a tropical zombie bloodbath. The more you know…

Also worth knowing, especially if you’re a Dead Island fan, is that this collection of DI games will include both original releases and the all-new Dead Island Retro Revenge. The set is also available in the Definitive Collection pack (of three) or separately online for digital download.

So if you do have something from the collection and have already played it to death (no pun intended), you can pick and choose a bit. Well, as long as digital editions don’t bother you. Though if you do buy it as the retail set, you’re in for one heck of a bang for your buck, as Dead Island: Definitive Collection will run you only $39.99 USD.

Grab a copy for the PS4 or Xbox One on the 31st of this month.

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