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DOOM’s launch trailer is the fast, classic demon slaying you’ve been craving

DOOM is racing towards its launch next week, despite all the moaning and groaning over some of the modern changes its made to the classic run and gun formula. What if it isn’t fast enough? What if there isn’t enough demon blood? What if it doesn’t feel like DOOM? There’s are all legitimate responses fans of the series have, which are all casually waved away by an energetic launch trailer for the iD  Software shooter.

DOOM is out in a week, and if you somehow still haven’t seen a smidgen of the shooter that nearly never was, the trailer below is all you really need. While a large part of the past few months has focused on the game’s multiplayer, the launch trailer is all about the stuff I’m interested in. Fast, chaotic single-player demon slaying. This an assortment of weapons that would make Quality Street jealous.

As is common with most digital games, DOOM will have its pre-loading go live next week across all three platforms. If you’re playing on PC in particular, ID Software have updated their PC requirements just slightly, following feedback they received from the recently hosted open beta. The full game will also – thankfully – give players many options to customise their DOOM experience with.

DOOM looks like a classically fun shooting romp with as little reason for its violence as the original. And that’s great, because when you’re killing hellspawn on Mars and Hell in equal measure, the last thing you need is some loose plot trying to make sense of it all. Just like that terrible movie a few years ago.

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