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Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Date and Starters Revealed

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon had a huge new reveal today. The CoroCoro magazine usually shows new info, but the official Pokemon channel posted a video themselves to show a bunch of great new info. They showed the new starters, gameplay, the box legendaries, and solidified the game's release date.

The 3 new starters for Pokemon Sun and Moon are Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio.

Pokemon sun and Moon starter Litten

Pokemon Sun and Moon starter Popplio

The video also showcased gameplay footage, showing the new professor, some new locations, and the player characters.

Hopefully character customization will return. It did not show any differences in the trailer, but I'm sure it will come back. The Ruby and Sapphire remakes did not have it because the originals did not.

Each version of Pokemon has a legendary shown on the box art, and that Pokemon is central to the story of that version. Sun and Moon are no different and both legendaries were shown in-game. We also got a picture of the box art.

The Sun legendary looks like a huge, white lion with a sun-shaped mane.

The Moon legendary is a huge, purple bat with moon-shaped wings.

Finally, what we've been waiting for, the release date! It launches on November 18, 2016.

Pokemon sun and moon release date

Now we know exactly when we will take our next journey into the world of Pokemon and spend countless hours discovering everything it has to offer.

The Official Pokemon Channel on YouTube, the official website, and right here at GameSkinny are excellent places to stay on top of the latest Pokemon news. I'll continually be on top of these reveals and everything else related to Pokemon! Let me know what you think about everything that was revealed today.

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