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Overwatch Guide: Junkrat Info and Tips

Junkrat is crazy fun in Overwatch... and just crazy in general. Here's how to help this maniac control the battlefield.

If you haven't tried Junkrat in Overwatch, give him a go soon. He's a lot of fun -- and not just because of his maniacal laugh, either. He's basically the game's version of a Team Fortress Demoman, and explosions are always fun.

It doesn't hurt that he can easily kill multiple enemies every time his ultimate pops, either.

If the idea of explosions and laughing like The Joker sounds right up your alley, here's how to master Junkrat.

Characterized as a Defense character, Junkrat's role is to get rid of anyone daring enough to enter his domain. 

He does this primarily by explosions, but he does have access to a trap to keep enemies from moving for a few seconds. 

His weapon only has one type of ammo -- frag grenades. These grenades can bounce off walls and the floor, and will explode after a certain period of time or once they hit an enemy.

As I mentioned earlier, Junkrat's role in Overwatch is to basically just bombard enemies with explosions. While he's okay as an offensive character, he definitely excels on defense due to his mine and trap. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope these Overwatch Junkrat tips help you get the Play of the Game in your next match! 

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