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Overwatch Guide: Reinhardt Info and Tips

There's a reason why Reinhardt is one of the best tanks in Overwatch! Here's how to play the hulking hammer brother.

After a lot of time playing Overwatch during the open beta, one thing became clear -- Reinhardt is one of the favorite tanks.

I can't say I'm surprised. He's everything a good tank should be --- he's massive, covered in armor, and can create a shield (besides his giant body) to protect his allies. 

Plus, he has a rocket-powered hammer. You don't see that every day.

As a tank, Reinhardt's job is to soak up damage so his more fragile teammates can live an extra few seconds. He can do decent damage on his own, but he's basically trying to keep his higher-damage teammates alive so they can take out the enemy.

His hammer has only one form of attack... but it's enough. It swings in a wide arc and can deal some serious damage. Unfortunately it's limited to melee range, so be ready to charge in often.

Reinhardt's abilities, like those of all tanks, cater well to both offense and defense. He's best known for his giant Barrier Field, although what separates the pros from the amateurs is how his other abilities are used.

People love playing as (or with) Reinhardt because of his Barrier Field. Letting Bastion or Torbjörn's turret sit behind it and go to down is an easy way to mow down a few attackers, for example.

But there's a lot more to him than that.

Good luck in your next match in Overwatch as Reinhardt! I hope these tips have the fun of going Leeroy Jenkins style without getting the whole team eliminated. 

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