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Battleborn Guide: Gear Loadouts

Learn all about Gear Loadouts in Battleborn and tips on what to use with this guide!

Gear Loadouts in Battleborn give you more customization over your characters. They let you add up to 3 pieces that all increase certain stats or resistances. They costs shards to use in battle, so be sure to save some.

I'm going to go over some info on how the loadouts work, the types you can get, and some tips on what to use, depending on the situation and character.

When you first get access to to Gear Loadouts, you can only make 1. As you level you will unlock more, and you can buy more if you choose.

There are 5 different color tiers of gear: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. The rarity increases in that order and each tier is better than the previous one. The higher tiers also have a higher activation cost, which you can see by looking at the bottom of the gear.

There are multiple pieces of gear and they all do different things. The icons can give you a general idea of what the gear will do.

For example: The "+" medkit icons will have gear that involves healing in some way. This could increase heal power, or increase the amount of healing you receive.

There are gear pieces that can increase attack damage, skill power, movement speed, crit hit damage, maximum health and shields, and more. There are also pieces that can reduce crowd control duration, buildable costs, and give bonus shards per second.

The exact numbers and effects can be different, even if it is the same piece of gear. Also, the higher the rarity, the better the effects. The legendary (orange) gear also gives powerful bonus effects that you won't find on lower tier gear.

The Gear Bank is where you store all your gear, even those that are being used Gear Loadouts. You start with 39 slots, but I suggest buying an additional 40 slots when you get enough money.

Gear can be so different, and there are so many ways you can do things, you may want to hold on to a lot of gear as you decide what's best for you.

You can spend in-game money you get from completing story missions or versus matches to buy loot packs. These packs will give you gear to use in your loadouts and come in a variety of types.

You must level before you can unlock most of them, but they have faction specific ones as well. These will give you gear, but also the chance for a skin  or taunt for someone in that faction. For example: I got a Rath skin called, "Not a Vampire" from a Jennerit loot pack.

Each character also has a legendary gear item only they can use. You get them by completing all of that character's challenges.

Your exact loadouts really depend on the character, but I can give you a general idea of what to look for depending on the type of character you want to play.

Battleborn reload speed gear loadout

Finally, I suggest getting the lore challenges completed on the character you want to play the most and use their legendary item. Picking Green or Blue gear to compliment it can help since they will cost less shards and you can activate them faster.

That's it for my Gear Loadouts guide for Battleborn. Let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own!

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