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Blaze'N'Bullets dev log (testers needed)

my name is Joe and I am the lead dev of Blaze'N'Bullets, an upcoming shmup with RPG elemets.

I have reached the point in development where I can finally show some actual gameplay to people.
I want to prepare my build for an upcomig demo release and for that I need your help.

Unfortunately I don't have 10 different PC's to test my build so I rely on the gamer/dev community to help me with testing.

The game is developed using the XNA framework, and recently we have discovered some issued when intalling the game on Windows system above Windows 7.

I need some people to test the installation process and also would like to hear opinions on the game itself.

Here is a short video of the gameplay:

Here is a screenshot:

1. download and install the setup files. These are basically the XNA redistributables, but unpacked. install every MSI file.!oV53TTKa!61rz8IhpdOZNGl6IYgkkIuRCIvIj_16557SS6wra_wA

3. if the game does not start up, download and install the xna package and try again.

After the game has started, choose "New Game", "Level Select" does not work yet.

When reporting bugs or any feedback, please include your system specs.

Also the game has full controller support.

For menu interaction use controller or keyboard.

Move: WASD/D-pad
Aim: Mouse/Right stick
Shoot: left/right Mouse buttons or LT/RT on controller.
Accept: Enter/A-button
Cancel,Back: Backspace/B-button


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