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Kumamoto earthquakes could impact games business, Sony warns -

The earthquakes experienced in Kumamoto, Japan earlier this month could have an impact on Sony's video game business, the company has warned, with components potentially suffering a delay due to the ongoing suspension of manufacturing operations in the Kumamoto region.

In a note posted earlier today, Sony warned that the disruption at its Kumamoto Technology Center and the "potential disruption to the supply of components to Sony from certain third-party suppliers" that also have manufacturing facilities in the Kumamoto region meant that it is "possible that business operations within [Sony's] Mobile Communications, Game & Network Services and Home Entertainment & Sound segments also may be affected".

The potential impact of the disruption is "currently being evaluated", Sony says.

Sony's Kumamoto facility focuses primarily on manufacturing image sensors for digital cameras and security cameras, meaning that the disruption to its games business could most likely come from the supply of components from third-party businesses.

"With aftershocks continuing and employee safety the foremost priority, inspections of the facility and the development of a recovery plan remain ongoing," Sony adds.

Kumamoto was struck by two major earthquakes earlier this month, with dozens of people reported to have been killed. A series of smaller quakes have continued to strike the region, including one, Earthquake Track reports, with a magnitude of 4.8 earlier today.

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