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New Battlefield gets first 'game engine footage' - Battlefield 4 for PS4 News

EA has released the first "game engine footage" of this year's Battlefield ahead of its official reveal tomorrow.

The 9-second teaser appears to show a soldier staring up at an object looming towards him, with fans speculating that his outfit could suggest a World War 2 setting.

It isn't yet clear whether the new game will be a direct sequel to Battlefield 4 or during which time period it will be set. Earlier rumours have indicated a WW1 or WW2 setting.

And while the footage may have been taken from within Frostbite, you probably shouldn't expect it to look like that in-game. A message at the end of the teaser video states: "Frostbite game engine footage. Not actual gameplay."

UPDATE: The official Battlefield Twitter account has removed the video. An alternative version, however, which we've embedded above, is still live on EA's UK account.

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