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Rainbow Six Siege's second DLC is called 'Operation Dust Line' - Rainbow Six Siege for PS4 News

Rainbow Six Siege's second DLC is called 'Operation Dust Line', Ubisoft has revealed ahead of the content's official unveiling later today.

The publisher confirmed the name on Twitter in an image that appears to show a sand-covered road. The content is expected to be themed around the USA, and introduce a brand new map and two new Operators. DLC themed around Brazil and Japan is also set to roll out later this year.

Operation Dust Line will be revealed in full during a Rainbow Six Pro League livestream later today, with the broadcast set to begin on Twitch at 11am EDT (4pm BST).

Rainbow Six Siege was one of the games affected by Amazon's 'Prime-Exclusive Items' initiative earlier today, blocking the game from sale to non-Prime customers.

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