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EA will develop games for Nintendo NX 'if it makes sense' -

EA will develop games for the Nintendo NX "if it makes sense" to do so, EA Studios' executive vice president Patrick Soderlund has said.

Speaking to the BBC about Nintendo's upcoming console, Soderlund explained that both he and EA are "huge fans of Nintendo", and that "they're the reason why I started making games".

"We're in constant communication with them," he added, "and when they come to market something - and if it makes sense for us - we'll be there."

Soderlund's comments follow almost five years after EA's former CEO John Riccitiello promised an "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo for the Wii U, before pulling support shortly after launch.

The publisher released only a handful of games for the console in total, including ports of Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed: Most Wanted and FIFA 13.

Nintendo NX is due to release worldwide in March 2017, with further details on the console, including information about what it actually is, expected to be revealed later this year. The console will not be at next month's E3.

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