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EA is releasing a new IP next year -

EA has plans to release a new IP next year, CFO Blake Jorgensen has revealed.

The new game was teased during EA's Q4 earnings call last night, where Jorgensen revealed that we'll likely see something on it "soon", possibly during the publisher's EA Play event next month.

"We do have a new IP coming next year," Jorgensen said (via Seeking Alpha). "We haven't yet announced it, but it's something that you'll see probably coming up soon."

But what could it be? Well, BioWare, Motive Studios and Criterion are all known to be currently working on new IPs, with the latter actually shown off at E3 2014. We haven't seen anything on it since, however, and it is not listed in the release schedule for EA's current financial year, suggesting it isn't due to release until at least April 2017.

Jorgensen's comment about the game being unannounced, however, suggests that it may be something other than Criterion's game.

Whatever it may be, though, we'll likely hear more at EA Play, which kicks off in London and Los Angeles on June 12.

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