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Hitman: Episode 2 Sapienza gameplay footage emerges from PAX - Hitman Episode Two – Sapienza for PS4 News

The first gameplay footage of Hitman's second episode 'Sapienza' has emerged from this weekend's PAX East.

The 12 minute video follows Agent 47 attempting to track down his new target, sneaking through the coastal Italian town before [SPOILER] dropping a security guard into a shredder...

The footage seems to be commentated by members of the development team, although it does not appear to have been officially released by IO Interactive. Check it out below before it's potentially taken down.

As well as a new map, the DLC also introduces new tools and weapons that players can use in both Sapienza and the earlier Paris map, including a new sniper rifle.

Hitman: Episode Two Sapienza releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC tomorrow, April 26. The episode will be available at no additional charge to owners of the Full Experience, or £7.99 to owners of the Intro Pack. Five further episodes are due to roll out before the end of 2016.

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