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Rainbow Six Siege Dust Line update improves graphics, fixes head positioning, introduces unicorns - Rainbow Six Siege for PS4 News

Ubisoft has released the full patch notes for this week's major Rainbow Six Siege update, revealing plans to introduce new customisation options, improve the game's graphics and fix a number of issues requested by the community.

Arriving alongside the Operation Dust Line DLC tomorrow, the update introduces the option to decorate weapons with lucky charms, including a unicorn, mini operators and the Rainbow Six logo. It isn't yet clear how you can unlock them, but you can check out examples of a few of them in the image below.

You'll also be able to customise your operator's headgear with "high quality" military and fantasy gear. You can unlock gear by spending the in-game currency or by purchasing Rainbox Six Credits via microtransactions.

Other new features include the option to switch loadouts between rounds and display a line-up of the winning team after each match.

There's been a range of balancing tweaks made to some of the game's existing operators, too, including major improvements to Tachanka's LMG and the introduction of side-protection to Montagne's shield. The range of IQ's electronics-detecting device has also been extended, while Thermite's frag grenades have been switched for Stun Grenades. You can see the full list of character changes below:

Other major changes, meanwhile, include less extreme contrast changes when looking inside and outside of buildings, and an improvement to "many aspects of the graphics", including HDR rendering, meaning the game "will be more contrasted and saturated". "Additionally some of the lighting on menus have been tweaked," Ubisoft says, "and the lighting on the weapons has been improved." Car windows are now breakable, too.

One of the most requested changes implemented in the patch, however, is tweaks to the character's head and camera positioning, which should help reduce issues of other players being able to see your character's head unfairly.

"We have grouped the camera and head placement tighter to expose the player’s head less," Ubisoft says. "This should mitigate the issue where you are looking down from a window and someone can see your head but you can’t see theirs."

There are a tonne of other improvements, too, plus changes made to the anticheat and "toxic behaviour" code of conduct. For the full list head through to the Rainbow Six website.

Operation Dust Line will be available free to all Rainbow Six Siege players on PS4, Xbox One and PC tomorrow, and introduces a brand new map - Border - and access to two new playable operators.

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