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Plays, 7th May, 2016 -

I expected to enjoy Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a game in which a human player attempts to defuse a bomb using instructions given by another player who can't see the bomb, but I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it. Playing the role of the instructor I had to rifle through pages and pages of info in order to guide Miller correctly. The whole thing becomes incredibly tense and I can see the game being a bit hit amongst people who don't normally play games. The video of Miller and me playing it is up on our Patreon now, so supporters can head over there to watch the intense scenes (if you're not a supporter, what are you waiting for?)

Ah, so now we can finally talk about it: the big one, the console exclusive to end the all, the game with more hype than 90s music videos. I'm talking, of course, about Uncharted 4: Drake Returns Again, which is actually a very, very good video game. Is it better than the others? Yeah. Is it better than The Last of Us? Maybe. But it's a great end to an OK series, and one I enjoyed playing.

What else? Hmm, not a lot. Uncharted has taken up a lot of my time. PES, obviously. Obviously. And I'm about to go an play some Overwatch for the first time, so that should be good. Any tips on which character to play as?

You know what? Regenerating bosses aren't clever. They aren't new. They aren't interesting. And after persevering for so long, I think I might have finally reached a point in Dark Souls 3 where I may just give up. It doesn't feel fun anymore, as if the game is throwing everything it can at you just to make that final stretch that little bit more challenging, but done so in a way that feels antiquated and cheap.

So I'm taking a break with something considerably easier to play. Table Top Racing is a mix of Micro Machines' matchbox racing with Mario Kart's weapon pick-ups, and it's a lot more entertaining than I'd had it pegged. The races are short and rewarding enough to lose hours to, with the game constantly chucking coins at you to buy upgrades and faster cars. And there's just something about racing across the top of a Yo Sushi table in a miniature Subaru that feels nostalgic; it's the 3D Micro Machines spin-off I know I would have loved as a kid.

It isn't the best thing you'll ever play - there doesn't seem to be anywhere near enough tracks for starters - but it's enjoyable enough for a PS Plus freebie, and one, perhaps unlike Dark Souls 3, that I'll probably dip back into every now and then to see through to the end.

See, even Dave has gotten tired of Dark Souls 3! One of these days I'll do a massive feature on why Dark Souls is massively overrated. It'll be thousands of words long. Thousands.

Fortunately I'm getting a break from it at the moment. In my own time I've been playing the Overwatch beta, which is still really fun (although as I predicted in preview my own experience with it so far is that everyone plays as an offense character and no fucker plays as support), but we have to hold judgement until final release, of course. Currently I'm finding it hard to play in teams that actually play in teams, rather than just two lines of Reapers and Tracers smashing into one another and ignoring that the actual objective was to escort the payload through the map. No worries lads. I'll get it to the next checkpoint on my own, then.

Burns has passed the lone copy of Uncharted 4 we have onto me (although I am negotiating a timeshare with Jim) to do collectible guides. All told there are just over 150 of them in the game so I could be a while. I'm slowly turning the side room we use to play games into a kind of nest for myself. S'a good game though. It's got a lot more depth that the other ones. It's almost sad. Drake isn't a usual man. He doesn't seem to be a happy one either. But I've not finished it yet, so we'll see how he's doing by the end.

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