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Ex-Burnout Devs Dangerous Golf Gets Xbox One Gameplay Trailer

Three Fields Entertainment, the development team founded by ex-Criterion staffers, are currently checking the length and lie and lining up the final approach for the launch of Dangerous Golf on Xbox One.

A new concept, Dangerous Golf challenges players with playing golf in a dangerous manner (no, really?) by playing indoors. Points are awarded for racking up damage, applying aftertouch, and using SmashBreakers to try and wreck the place, before lining up the final putt to the hole.

Taking place across four locations - a kitchen, castle, palace, and the Australian outback - the game offers a World Tour mode that can be played in solo or local co-op. Here, you take part in 10 tours that take you across the globe, with 100 different holes to be unlocked as you travel. On top of that, Party Golf is available for up to eight players in both offline and online modes, too, with all players competing to get the highest score on each hole.

Dangerous Golf will launch on June 3rd for Xbox One, and will be priced at $19.99/€19.99/£14.99.

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