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Battleborn beta attracts over 2 million players - Battleborn for PS4 News

Over 2 million people played Battleborn's open beta last week, Gearbox has revealed. But while the figure sounds impressive for a new IP, it's far from the most popular beta we've seen so far this gen.

Destiny's beta, for example, attracted 4.6m players back in 2014, and that wasn't available on PC, either. Star Wars Battlefront's attracted 9.5m, too, while this year's beta for The Division reached 6.4m.

Nevertheless, Gearbox says that its "Open Beta community challenges were met, so everyone who purchases a retail copy of Battleborn will be able to redeem a SHiFT code for three golden character skins."If you pre-ordered Battleborn, you could get EIGHT exclusive skins on launch day," it adds.

Battleborn launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 3.

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