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My Life as a Football Manager Inside Football Manager 2016 -

Football Manager 2016 is a game for great people. That's why Tom Orry (me), editor of this very website, plays it all the time. Here, in My Life as a Football Manager inside Football Manager: A Series by Tom Orry, you can follow my career, experiencing the highs and lows of life at the top - or in this case, Brighton.

Slight spoiler there (sorry), but I picked a team at random and that team turned out to be Brighton. Brighton is a team I'm not overly familiar with, so watch as I deliberately don't say the names of certain players as I'm not sure how to pronounce them.

Rather than using written words, which quite frankly no one likes anymore, I've made a series of videos. Each usually contains three matches and I talk over all of the action. I believe the modern term for this is 'casting', especially when it's about an eSport, and surely there's no better eSport than Football Manager.

I'll post the latest video in here each week so you can keep up to date. If you like them, leave a lovely comment, subscribe to the YouTube channel, share the video on all forms of social media, set the videos to play on all the laptops and phones in retail stores, start fan groups, and anything else you think would help.

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