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Dark Souls board game Kickstarter races to £1 million in under 48 hours -

The Dark Souls board game has rocketed to the £1 million milestone in under 48 hours, with the current total standing at £1.15 million with 24 days remaining.

Creator Steamforged Games is understandably over-the-moon with the success.

"You have just achieved another record breaking moment...£1,000,000 within 48 Hours!!!" reads the project update. "We cannot believe the momentum of this project - its amazing and we thank every single backer for their support and commitment to bringing this game to life."

Reaching the million mark means the following content is now included with the base game. Furthermore, additional unlocks are coming.

"We are now into the realms of a brand new FREE expansion set - the Armour Expansion Pack," continues the update.

"The first of these unlocks is the Black Iron Set. Within this set you will get a sculpted model of the full Black Iron Set along with a set of Equipment and Treasure Cards specifically designed around this armour for use in your Dark Souls games. There are several iconic sets to unlock and these can be used by any class - just like the real game :)"

x5 The Pursuer Behaviour Cards and x5 Winged Knight Behaviour Cards have also been unlocked.

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