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Grasshopper Manufacture is teasing its next project - Let It Die for PS4 News

No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacture has begun teasing its next project.

While you don't know anything about the mysterious new game, a tease at shows what appear to be vibrating shards of glass (pictured above) gradually moving together to form... something.

The website's Twitter account, meanwhile, shows the shards progress over the last six days, along with the hashtag #grasshoppermanufacture0506, which could point towards a reveal date. Various posts on Facebook drop hints at what's to come, too.

"REALGAME", one post says, with others saying: "Everyone here has a "past"", "What's in the past?", "He is gonna awaken," and "People are attracted to the underground world". They too carry the #grasshoppermanufacture0506 hashtag.

Could Grasshopper have plans to reveal a new game next Friday, May 6?

Alongside the shards, logos for Grasshopper Manufacture, Playism Games and Active Gaming Media can also be seen on the website, with the words "GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE'S NEW PROJECT" hidden in the website's source code.

Playism Games appears to be a digital distribution platform and part of the Active Gaming Media network. Active Gaming Media, meanwhile, is a Japanese business that specialises in localisation.

"Through our four main areas of business operations, we use localization to provide one-stop solutions for entertainment and a wide variety of other types of content to the world, assisting you in limitlessly expanding the possibilities of your contents," its website says.

Alongside the new project, Grasshopper Manufacture is currently working on Let It Die, a free-to-play action game heading to PS4 later this year.

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