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Hitman update aims to reduce loading times by 50%, resolve disconnection issues - Hitman Episode Two – Sapienza for PS4 News

A new game update for Hitman has been released on PC, with the patch rolling out to PS4 and Xbox One ahead of Tuesday's launch of the Sapienza stage.

Reconnect Option
If a player is playing in online mode and gets disconnected during gameplay, they will have the option to immediately reconnect and resume play without losing any progress, instead of returning to the main menu.

Immediate Challenge Awards
Challenges are now awarded and saved immediately upon completion, rather than when completing a mission.

Loading Times
Significant improvements to load and restart times across all locations.
(Reduced by approximately 50% on PS4 and Xbox One)

Weapon HUD Settings
Added three options for displaying the holstered/equipped weapon icon.

Dropped Items
Disguises, weapons and items that are dropped are now shown on the in-game map.

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