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Deals With Gold: Call of Duty Slashed on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Sure to be a popular move...

This week's Deals With Gold have been announced and the list is sure to set the cat amongst the pigeons.

In a week where Activision are under fire for any number of reasons over the announcement of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, they've decided to have a bit of a sale, chopping prices on a fair percentage of the Call of Duty back catalogue. However, with none of the Xbox 360 versions currently on the backward compatible list, there's a good chance that this move will just fuel the fires of impotent rage. In fact, the 360 version of Black Ops that everyone is constantly braying to be added to the B/C list is notable by its absence. Hmm...

We doubt Activision is all that worried given that Infinite Warfare will be the biggest selling game of the year no matter how many petitions are started or how many dislikes their video gets. Regardless, if Call of Duty isn't your bag, then there's some savings to be had on Pinball FX2 sets, Naruto, WWE 2k16, and a small selection of indie titles.

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