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Fear Effect Sedna is fully funded on Kickstarter - Fear Effect Sedna for PS4 News

Fear Effect Sedna, the Kickstarter project with the blessing of Square Enix Collective, has been fully funded with more than a day to spare.

Understandably, developer Sushee is very pleased at reaching the funding target of €100,000, especially given backing appeared to flatline only days after launch. Thankfully, some social media support from Square Enix helped secure around €20,000 in the last three days to push the project into production.

"Campaign might have been a bit slowed down at some point, we finally made it to 100%! Thank you all for your support and your kind words!" wrote Sushee.

"The coming year will be busy; we’re aiming for a release in spring 2017. Now that we can afford to see the big picture, we will begin working on the full game, starting now! (Well, maybe tomorrow, let’s spend some time celebrating right now.)

"Also, a demo will be opened to all backers who pledged €60 and more, and this is coming really quickly, in October this year! If you wish to see the beta, you can adjust your pledge with the “manage your pledge” button when logged in, and choose any reward starting from €60 on top of the page.

"Be sure that we’re really happy with all what you did for us, for all your support & kind words, this means everything & every penny counts. And you’ll get as much news as possible on the game development!

"We’re all full of energy, boosted by this really good news, and ready to make a great Fear Effect Sedna!"

As per an earlier update, Fear Effect Sedna will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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