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Homefront: The Revolution story trailer fights on

Get a little more of the story behind the revised narrative in Homefront: The Revolution.

In this new semi-reboot of Homefront, you play as Ethan Brady, a member of the American Resistance to the North Korean occupation. If you remember, in the original game from THQ, the game had a very straight-forward story that saw North Korea simply taking advantage of an economically-weakened US. A situation that led to the take-over.

In the new version, which is really more of a soft-reboot, the US was still unstable when it fell, but was also infiltrated (in a way) beforehand via high-tech devices produced by a booming Korean tech industry. Much like Google and Apple’s wares in real life, these fictional gadgets found their way into the homes of pretty much the whole of tech-hungry America.

The other big difference between the game and our world is that the tablets and phones in the Homefront universe had built-in access for the nefarious North Korean government. You can imagine how that played out. And from that occupation, came a resistance force. No, not a one man army by a long shot, you’ll be fighting alongside your countrymen and women in Homefront, as you join up under the command of Benjamin Walker, the ‘Voice of Freedom’, as you play through the open world that developer Dambuster has cooked up.

With a revised story and “state-of-the-art performance capture” adding to the graphical package, Homefront: The Revolution is set to bring a 30 hour campaign (whoa!) to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on May 17th.

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