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First Assassin's Creed movie trailer released

A video game movie that actually looks like it might be… good? It’s kind of hard not to be cautiously optimistic about Assassin’s Creed.

Music aside (who picked that?!), that’s a pretty great looking trailer. Yes, I know that the Animus is all wrong (more on that in a second) and that the Assassins aren’t wearing white, but I can forgive all that if the movie itself looks like it might be on target, and -so far- it does.

Big battle scenes, assassinations galore, badass free-running segments that have the title characters flipping all over Inquisition-era Spain, and a leap of faith that looks spot on… everything seems great. I particularly like the fact that this is a new story too, starring 15th Century Spanish assassin Aguilar, but still one that could fit pretty seamlessly into the overall AC narrative as shown in the games.

The only thing I really do have a problem with is that Animus. I mean, it looks like a classic case of overkill as the movie has this big free-floating system that holds the user in mid-air, while the games have a simple VR-type bed that looks more like a tanning booth. Sometimes simple is better.

Again though, other than that, it’s looking great. And with no new AC game on the shelves this Holiday, this is the only Assassin-themed entertainment product that fans will be able to sink their hidden blades into in 2016. So lets hope the finished product comes out as good as that trailer.

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