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Make It So: Star Trek Online Heads to Xbox One

Perfect World Entertainment have announced that they'll be taking over the publishing duties of Motiga's Gigantic but not only that, they'll be bringing Cryptic Studios' MMO Star Trek Online to Xbox One later this year.

Originally released on PC back in 2010, the game will feature over 130 story missions starring real-world Star Trek actors such as Jeri Ryan, Time Russ, and Michael Dorn. The two expansions for the game - as well as all the major updates and patches - will be loaded up as standard when the game launches. Upgraded visuals and an enhanced user experience are promised to breathe new life into the game, which features both space and ground combat.

The first trailer for the console version can be seen below.

Star Trek Online will launch on Xbox One later this year, even if Klingons do appear on the starboard bow.

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