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The Banner Saga 2 Locks in Xbox One Release Date

Stoic and Versus Evil have confirmed that the second part of The Banner Saga trilogy will be coming to Xbox One a lot quicker than the first game did.

The Banner Saga 2 released on PC and Mac just a short while ago, and will make the jump to Xbox One on Tuesday, 26th July. Stoic say that the goal is to release the concluding part of the trilogy simultaneously on all platforms. The set should be seen as three standalone games with stories that can be continued, rather than a single episodic game released in three parts. Players who pick up The Banner Saga 2 can jump into the action without having to have played the first game, but if they have played the excellent first entry, they'll find that their choices will flow through into the second title.

A trailer created by Penny Arcade's Kris Straub - entitled "In Memoriam" - has been released, which you can view below. Be warned though, it contains serious spoilers for the first game, so if you haven't played that and are intending to, maybe give the trailer a miss...

The Banner Saga 2 launches on Xbox One on July 26th.

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