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New Anarcute Trailer Shows Off Beautiful Destruction

Anarteam have sent over a new trailer from their upcoming "riot simulator" Anarcute, which shows off the destruction that the game will feature.

Anarcute tasks players with leading their band of revolutionaries against the oppressive Brainwash Patrol, with the goal being to take back the world's biggest cities and overthrow the Patrol's regime. You'll visit Paris, Tokyo, Miami, Reyjkjavik and other locations as you build your squad, which starts out as just a one-man army.

There's some puzzling on offer, outside of the rioting, but

Mathiue Leclercq, game designer at Anarteam, said:- "With Anarcute we really wanted to create something special and bring a crazy, colourful world of fun and chaos together with tactical gameplay. When we won the first award, we didn't know what an amazing journey we would go on but it's been great to realise our vision of city-wide adorable destruction."

The award he refers to is the French regional of Microsoft's Imagine Cup in 2014, which the game took the top prize in. It's also picked up Unity's "Best Student Game" award in 2015 and in the same year, grabbed the "Best of Show for Action/Combat" at Paris Games Week.

Anarcute will launch on Xbox One in the summer.

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