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Competition: Win Coffin Dodgers for Xbox One!

Get in your mobility scooter and drive

Coffin Dodgers - the karting romp starring fiesty octogenarians who are trying to stave off Death himself - is out now for Xbox One, and we've got ten copies of the game to give away!

Whether you choose to race as Rudolf, Lucy, Wilbur, Hank, Martha, Jeremiah, or Professor Percival, you'll have to have your wits about you as Death is always looming to end your days and to convert you into a zombie. Fend him off with your cane, take him out with some well-timed rockets, or pull out a machine gun and pop a cap in his...hang on...does death have an arse?

We're giving you the chance to save a bit of your pension money and win a copy of the game. Just check out the ways to enter, below. We'll even give you a bonus entry into the contest for retweeting this week's Brand New. Just make sure you do it via the Gleam app. Or something. We don't know. Darned newfangled was better in our day when you just had a stick and a hoop to play with and it was all fields round here...*grumble grumble*

We'll give you until Tuesday 17th at midnight (UK time) to get your entries in.

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