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Fancy Dropping $300 on an Xbox One Controller? Now You Can!

Custom accessory specialists ColorWare have released a new Xbox One controller design that will be sure to raise an eyebrow or two. Mainly on the faces of bank managers.

The ColorWare Xbox One Elite Titan Controller is an Xbox One Elite Controller featuring a gold carbon fiber graphic finish, with each unit individually numbered to show which of the limited edition run of 50 you've managed to get your hands on.

Aside from the carbon fiber gold fronting, this appears to be an otherwise standard Xbox One Elite Controller, though some of the rest of the device has been painted jet black, such as the faceted d-pad attachment.

The company also allows you to design your own customised controller via their online store. Once you've done that, you can send them your controller and they'll paint it up for $114, or you can buy your design on a new controller for $264.

If you fancy one, you should get your wallet out and head over to ColorWare's online store.

What say you? Would you stump up $299 for one of these controllers? (Seriously, let us know. We've got some gold Sharpies kicking about and could do with making some money.)

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