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Dota 2 — 2016 International Battle Pass Now Available!

The International 2016 Battle Pass gifts owners with a heap of exclusive rewards and features.

And yet again, Valve's offices spontaneously fill with cash.

The Dota 2 International 2016 Battle Pass is here to kick-start your summer season. With a new selection of in-game quests, exclusive treasures, and a new milestone set in place, it may be unwise to skip out on this year's purchase.

If you're unfamiliar with the Dota 2 scene, let me help by explaining to you the basics of a Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass grants players access to unique features unavailable to regular players. These features range from in-game quests to exclusive treasures and rewards. Ultimately, the main purpose is to change the way the game is played — offering a new playstyle in the form of challenges and objectives, and rewards players with exclusive effects/items for completing them. 

Currently, a Battle Pass can be purchased for a minimum of $10.

The price increases to $20 depending on the level of the Battle Pass you choose.  

Along with these exclusive offers, Battle Pass owners will have access to the following quests and wager systems.

Battle Pass holders will have access to the unique terrains.

Prior to each game, players will be given the opportunity to choose one of three paths to determine their current objective. Completing the assignment will net the player Battle Points that can be used to raise Battle Level and unlock new rewards.

  • Three Star Tier System. Every node of each path has three tiers of difficulty, each offering a different Battle Point reward. Fulfill any tier to complete the quest, and aim for the Three-Star objective to earn the maximum number of Battle Points for that node.

  • Three Star Alternate Styles. The final Quest of each Path will unlock a related Completion Reward unique to that Path, each of which can also receive a style upgrade for players who complete all Three-Star objectives along that Path.

  • Unlockable Quest Path. Players that reach level 225 will not only receive a special Legion Commander Prestige item, they’ll also unlock a Quest Path designed specifically for her. Those who complete Tresdin's Path will receive a visually-unique enhancement for her Prestige item.

Each week you will receive a balance of Tokens to use in the wagering system. Winning a wager will earn you additional Battle Points. 

River Vials

River Vials are another unique feature exclusive to Battle Pass owners.

As long as the Battle Pass is in effect, a series of community quests will be available to pass owners. Completing these challenges will contribute to the community progress bar. When the community collectively completes enough challenges to fill the bar, all Battle Pass owners will receive three fireballs to drop in Lina's Battle Blaze for a chance to win additional Battle Points.

The release of the new International Battle Pass marks the start of a new milestone. Every year, the Dota 2 community joins together to create the largest prize pool in all of eSports.

If the pool surpasses that this year, every Battle Pass owner will be granted three "Trust of the Benefactor" treasure rewards. Each of these new treasures will offer a chance to receive a 2016 Immortal Treasure, a Random Hero Set, an Arcane Set, or an ultra race chance at a limited prize.

If you're interested, Battle Passes can be purchased from the official Dota 2 store.

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