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The Drone Carry Glitch in Doom

Youtuber Captain Motorcycle captured footage of a weird glitch that occurred while playing through the Lazarus levels of the newly released game.

These small drones carry modules you need to unlock weapon upgrades so they're highly sought after. The second you see one you immediately try to figure out a way to get to it. In a few instances they start to fly off and wait for you to re-discover them half way through the level. Well, in one area of the Lazarus facility (around where you find that electrified water flooding part of the floor) a drone appears then flies off to a catwalk as soon as you approach. 

Apparently there's a glitch that can help you bypass part of the level and still score the upgrade. If you run towards the drone and try to melee it before it gets out of range it "locks" your character to it and you wind up going for a ride. It drops you off when it reaches its final destination and you can play like nothing ever happened. 

Since the exact same thing happened to me during my play through of this level I can confirm this isn't a one off oddity.

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