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3 Minecraft Seeds to Use as a Server for Your Guild

When starting a Minecraft server for your guild, you want to make sure to find a place that will be fun, have great exploration, and will allow you to have a great multiplayer experience. Here are just a few seeds that will make a good home for your guild or online community. 

You do spawn underwater when you create this world, but soon after you're wandering through varied hills and mountains where each member arriving on your server could find a place to build their home. Each direction provides a new area to explore and different biomes to grab resources each member will want or need.  

This seed has several temples nearby to the spawn point to explore and loot. There are plenty of diamonds and emeralds to go around, and each member of your group could easily get the amount they need quickly. There is a nice mesa biome nearby as well. 

Ever think about what it would be like to be stranded with a bunch of your friends on an island? Want to be seafaring pirates on your server? Here's the seed for you. This seed has no mainland in sight, and there are several small islands and one island with a stronghold. Each island could be built up to the group's liking and sail across the bodies of water to explore and find other lands. 

As you set up your server, check out Gamer Launch's Minecraft group management system, which will help you conveniently manage your server and allow people to apply to join. 

What seeds have you used for a multiplayer server? Let me know in the comments below! 

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