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Weirdness: Xbox One Runs Windows 95 and Duke Nukem 3D

Where do you want to go today?

Well, we wrote this one up a day or two ago and forgot to click the "publish" button. Oops. Our bad.

Still, it seems that YouTube user vcfan has been playing around with the upcoming Xbox One Universal Windows Platform app compatibility to see what they could get to run on the console.

As a result, they've got Dosbox (the virtual DOS machine app) running, and that can run a lot of software, including...Windows 95. And Windows 95 itself can run a lot of software (no kidding) so vcfan pushed it a bit further and got Duke Nukem 3D to fire up, albeit at an unplayable framerate. You can check it all out in the video below.

The only way to get this all going is on a development version of the Xbox One, so it won't be something that most people will be able to do. Although we're not sure many folks will be all that bothered by that, unless they REALLY love Windows 95 Solitaire.

And if you're confused as to what Windows 95 is or what its revolutionary new features are or were, another plucky YouTuber has converted the official Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide featuring Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry from VHS to digital, so that nobody can ever deny that it happened.

Short of Bart Simpson skating in to tell you eat his shorts, we're relatively sure that's the most 90s thing that's ever happened.

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