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Still On The Fence About Far Harbor? Check This Out Before You Buy

Far Harbor is the biggest DLC Bethesda has ever constructed. With that gargantuan size comes the promise of much more to do in the already sprawling world of Fallout 4. This review of Far Harbor sheds some light on what you can look forward to in the game's new content. Be warned: Minor spoilers for Fallout 4: Far Harbor follow!

So Far Harbor kicks off with the Sole Survivor taking on a case from detective Nick Valentine to go off in search of a missing teen named Kasumi Nanako who has allegedly fled to the small island town. Once your character and Nick arrive on the island, mysteries begin to unfold around you. 

Residents of the island use machines called "fog condensers" to clean up the radioactive fog and mine breathable air from it, and as of late, these precious machines have been going missing. It's up to you to find out why. 

The kooky radiation-harvesting cult, The Children of Atom, have a shrine on the island and appear to be up to something strange, a mystery that only the Survivor may solve. 

Also, for you Railroad-loving synth-huggers, the synth refuge of Acadia promises plenty of Institute-like missions with all of the same shadowy moral conflict you're used to. You can bet there will plenty to do with your favorite synthetic private eye when you find this observatory.

Overall, the new game's intense and deep narrative offer an insane amount of new gameplay opportunities and add many, many more nuanced layers to an already complex and overflowing story. If you haven't pulled the trigger on Fallout 4's latest journey, the verdict is clear: set sail for Far Harbor.

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