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Brand New: Issue 9 - The Crazy Eight New Games

Brand New is our weekly look back at all of the games that have been announced as coming to Xbox One in the past seven days. Rather than cover every game individually and watch it get lost in the mix of the week's news, we'll bring you all the facts and more in one handy rundown, so that you can see what's been announced at a glance. Because we're cool like that.

Well, there are eight titles coming to Xbox One that are either new or somehow got under our radar this week. So, here's are the eight new games that are listed as coming to Xbox One and being added to the pX database this week.

Mobile and PC sci-fi shooter Dead Effect 2 is coming to Xbox One next month and you can check out the full story here.

Project Root developer OPQAM is bringing their new shooter DOGOS to Xbox One this year it has been confirmed. Featuring 14 "open-world" levels created in full 3D, the generally top-down shooter allows players to complete objectives from any angle that they imagine. The debut trailer is above, and we're expecting to see this one before the end of the year.

Focus and Cyanide have confirmed that the cycling game based on Le Tour de France will be getting its yearly update on Xbox One next month, with Le Tour de France 2016 coming to the console. Full story and first screenshots here.

We have absolutely nothing on this one, other than the fact that we know it exists and that we know it's coming this year. The German age rating board USK has listed Mahjong from Bigben Interactive as obtaining a 3+ rating, meaning that it's suitable for all ages. As we say, there's no information at all at this point, but we're betting that it's a game based on the ancient 4-player Chinese tile game, as opposed to being a survival horror title featuring blood, guts, and gore.

Expect this one to just appear on the Xbox Games Store at some point with absolutely no fanfare or reviews.

NASCAR is coming back to Xbox for the first time since, well, Forza Motorsport 6's NASCAR Expansion launched last week. NASCAR Heat Evolution will be more fully fleshed-out than that, of course, featuring all the tracks and cars that you could ever want. Full story here.

Another not-quite-announced title, once again from the German age rating board, Pure Chess was released on a number of platforms a couple of years ago and now looks to be coming to Xbox One. If it's the same build as the already released editions, you'll be looking at a 100 or so chess puzzles to beat, tournaments, step-by-step tutorials, and some pretty fantastic visuals.

This one is a way off as it isn't set to appear until 2017, but Splasher is a side-scrolling platformer where players have to use a paint cannon in order to rescue little guys known as The Splashers. Full story here.

At long last, the Syberia franchise gets its third chapter. After many promises, delays, cancellations, and more, Syberia 3 will finally be coming to Xbox One in December this year. We hope. Full story here.

So, which of these very different dozen that are coming to Xbox One has your attention? You've got two votes this week, so make 'em count.

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