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Spilt Milk Studios' Tango Fiesta Headed for a Showdown on Xbox One

Merge Games have confirmed that they'll be publishing Spilt Milk Studios' upcoming top-down arcade shooter Tango Fiesta on Xbox One later this year.

Tango Fiesta allows for up to four players to join the fun with cooperation being the name of the game. Drawing heavily on action/adventure movies of the 80s, players have to blast their way through procedurally generated levels, upgrading their weapons and equipment as they go before they face off against bosses.

"Merge are wicked. The men in charge there were born long enough ago that they love the 80s as much as we do, and they love 4 player co-op carnage even more than that – bringing that to millions of gamers too young to get half the painstakingly written references in the game is a dream come true for us! PlayStation4 and Xbox One watch out."

Tango Fiesta will hit Xbox One before the year is out.

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