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Multiple Sources Confirm New Xbox One Hardware for E3

Yes, that's Scorpio from Gladiators.

Multiple sources are today confirming that there will be new Xbox One hardware on show at this year's E3 in a couple of weeks, with yet more to come after that.

Sources have confirmed to Kotaku that this year, we'll see a smaller and cheaper Xbox One with more or less the same specification as the existing model and that will be followed up in 2017 by a new Xbox, codenamed Scorpio. The Scorpio box will be capable of supporting Oculus Rift for VR and Microsoft is "pursuing a partnership" with Oculus. This model, we understand, will be shown at next year's E3 event. Kotaku is reporting that the new box will feature an upgraded GPU that will support 4K resolution, but long loading times could be on the cards due to Microsoft having no plans to upgrade the console's I/O transfer speed. Of course, that could change.

The word on the street is that this year's more compact "Xbox One Slim" model will contain a 2TB HDD and will be available before the end of the year at retail. Noted Microsoft follower Tom Warren said on NeoGAF that the device will be "40% smaller" than the existing Xbox One.

Elsewhere, respected Windows and Microsoft site have published an episode of The Sams Report that contains all sorts of weird and wonderful information. You can check that out below.

To summarise what they've said, they're suggesting that Microsoft will also announce an Xbox "Media Stick" similar to Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV that is designed for folks who want to use the Xbox interface for media. They're also suggesting that the Xbox One controller will get a slight change in the form of a flatter d-pad and/or thumbstick, and that the Xbox One Slim will be pushed with a focus on apps. They're also suggesting that the entire Xbox One interface will appear on PC, with the suggestion that every PC can also be an Xbox.

They're also suggesting that the 2017 Xbox One will be revealed in the springtime, as opposed to debuting at E3 2017.

There are other rumours that are a little bit more "out there" but we've tried to whittle things down to the ones that either have sources or that don't involve you being able to play Halo 5 on a Game Boy Advance because their mate Johnny's dad works for Microsoft and he said that will happen.

We'll see what Microsoft has to offer at 9:30AM PT on June 13th, when their E3 conference will kick off. You'll be able to catch it with us, or grab the news digest right here shortly afterwards.

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